Allen Nadeau

The citizens of District 1 deserve a State Senate candidate who is here for them. But not if by “here” you mean, right here on the Internet. Nadeau’s campaign team has spent thousands on trailer and truck decals, flags, and hardware - but they’ve overlooked the prime real estate that is a domain name, for example, . Now Mr. Nadeau will say, slow down folks my name is “Mike” or even “Michael.” And that’s true. But it’s also true that he doesn’t have or - so we’re going to have some fun and use to tell truth about “Allen,” “Michael” and “Mike” Nadeau.

Not having a URL locked down with at least three names to choose from is understandable: to Mr. Nadeau’s credit, he hasn’t campaigned since his electoral defeat in 2014. The Internet was different then:

HTML 5 had just replaced HTML 4.

An Oscar night selfie crashed Twitter.

The Bangor Daily News hyped up Maine electronic DJ act “Feels” as one to watch.

Also to Mr. Nadeau’s credit: he is a serious candidate. He can claim two whole years of experience in government. That’s one-fifth of Maine native Patrick Dempsey’s tenure on Grey’s Anatomy.

During his single term as a State House representative, Nadeau established himself as the type of politician voters can trust to say “NO” on issues that matter. He put his foot down on bills that would increase the minimum wage, establish background checks for the sale of semi-automatic rifles, and preserve Maine’s Forest Fund.

It got to the point where you could even count on Nadeau to nix legislation that he proposed, like an immigration reform bill. The only “NO” vote that Nadeau had to swallow during his political career was the one in which citizens booted him from the House.

In his voting record, Mr. Nadeau actually has a lot in common with another Mainer: writer Stephen King. After all, both gentlemen deal in horror, suspense, and fantasy and that’s exactly what Mr. Nadeau is bringing to the debate on Medicaid expansion. Sure, the 70,000 Maine residents who make too muchmoney to qualify for Medicaid but not enoughto afford meaningful health insurance would benefit from Medicaid expansion - but Mr. Nadeau prefers delights in the horror of flagrantly violating the will of the people. He thrills in the suspenseof 70,000 Mainers living in limbo for years on end. He revels in the fantasy that the private sector will swoop in and take care of the matter.

Let’s face it, folks: Mr. Nadeau’s no McDreamy.

That said, Mr. Nadeau has racked up enough drama for a prime time broadcast. In 2013, he was accused of being in cahoots with a volunteer who illegally coordinated press on his behalf. And his campaign Treasurer was accused of working with supporters to buy another illegal ad. Despite all that coordinating, Mr. Nadeau’s friends failed to coordinate a perfectly legal campaign website at

This time around, Mr. Nadeau has taken matters into his own hands. I’m my own campaign treasurer, he says. So if there’s any coordination going on it’s gonna between “Allen,” “Michael” and “Mike!”

You, the voters of District 1, also have the power to take matters into your own hands. Take a careful look at the “Issues” page. And if you’re wondering about that big red stamp on Mr. Nadeau’s face, take a look at the “Ethics” page.

However you decide to vote, be an informed voter.